Law Office of Brian E. Soriano

Our Philosophy

Litigation can be both expensive and unpredictable and as a result, should often be a final option after all other options have been exhausted. At the Law Office of Brian E. Soriano, we know that clients want to maximize their results with a minimum of cost and risk. For that reason, even when litigation is necessary, our lawyers keep their eyes on opportunities for favorable resolutions at every stage of the case.

When litigation is required, we are prepared to zealously pursue your claims or rights in court. Brian E. Soriano brings more than ten years experience litigating cases including dozens of mediations, arbitrations and trials and is an adjunct professor of law training future lawyers in litigation skills including Trial Advocacy at Golden Gate University School of Law. When larger disputes require additional support, the Law Office of Brian E. Soriano has associations with larger firms willing to support litigation cases led by Mr. Soriano.

We take advantage on the latest technology to keep your costs down while providing top-level legal representation. Our aim is to provide large firm quality representation without the large firm invoices.

We can keep you informed about the status and progress of your case so as a client you can make informed decisions to best achieve your goals. Whether you need assistance reviewing or drafting contracts, or have found yourself in a business or personal dispute that cannot be easily resolved, the Law Office of Brian E. Soriano can assist you in understanding the issues involved and pursuing the best course of action to achieve your goals.